Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Funnest Day EVER!!!

BigFunGuy came today!!! It was AMAZING!!! First my parents left me with my peanut butter ball like usual, and I ate it and then they were gone. I don't know why peanut butter makes people go away. It always makes me want to be right where the peanut butter is. But it always makes people go away. But sometimes it makes BigFunGuy come over, so I like it even more.

And I told you before that he takes me to the best place ever, but this is what I mean. He put me in the car with SOOOOO MANY happy doggies. And we sang bark songs and rode around and we got more doggies and BigFunGuy sang with us sometimes too. But mostly he talked to his hand box. And every time he stopped and left, he came back with another singing doggie. This is where I say OMG, right? It was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

And that was just the first part! Then we got to his house, which is really big and there were already lots of doggies there too and ReallyFunLady was there too. She sings songs with us sometimes and is really friendly and fun. Some of the doggies were singing already, and some were chasing chewy toys and squeeky balls. I chased after a squeeky ball right away and got it and I ran around alot until lots of doggies got me and I peed and rolled in my pee. But everyone knows how to play pee-ball, right? And I played that until I got too hot, and then I splashed my paws in the water bowl and drank water and laid down in the water. Then someone starting singing my favorite bark-song at the fence so I sang at the fence too. I don't sing alot though because my voice sounds funny to me. Mostly I just sing when someone else is singing, because that's what you do.

AND. I. DID. THAT. ALL. DAY. LONG. FOREVER!!! Until BigFunGuy got me and some other doggies (it was sharp-smell, and blue-funk-smell, and pee-smell, and stinky) and we got back in his car and he took us to our homes one by one. I didn't know how tired I was until I was back in the car. I kept trying to fall asleep because pee-smell is so warm and soft when you lay on his belly, but sharp-smell wouldn't stop singing. She has the most energy of anyone ever and can't stop running even in the car.  Then BigFunGuy put me back in my house and Dad was already home, but I just fell asleep.  OMG! (right?)

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