Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Dad brought home a new squeaking chew thing! And I LOVE it because even though chew things aren't alive they CAN have alive things inside of them. And those alive things want to get out.

You know how it happens... You hear the first squeak and you wonder how it got in there. But at the same time you feel like you should do something... No... It's more like the squeak tells you to do something... No... The squeak goes into your ears and takes over your whole body! Yeah, that's how it is! The squeak IS the alive thing inside and when it comes out it goes into you and it takes control! First, it goes straight to your neck and turns your head towards the chew thing. Then it makes your paws go to the chew thing. And you say, "Paws! Where are you going?!" But they don't answer. And then your front paws jump up and... **STOMP!!!** And you can only watch it happen while another squeak pops out and goes into your ears. And that one makes your neck bend your head down, pull your mouth open, and then... **CHOMP!!!** And another squeak pops out!!! And more and more squeaks pop out of the chew thing and they all go into your ears and they make you gnaw and stomp on the chew thing, so that more of the squeaks come out until finally they all get out and it finally stops... And just when you start to wonder what happened, you see that the last one must have gone into Dad's ear, because then he comes over and **STOMP!** another squeak come out and it starts all over again!!

And the chew thing that Dad brought home had so many (SO MANY!!!) squeaks inside of it! And it was the BEST because Dad and me had to keep stomping and chomping and gnawing to get them all out. And even though the squeaks made us do it, I had the most fun because I got to chew the hardest, and because Dad and me took turns, but I am the one that could get out the most squeaks! And now that the squeaks are all out, I still can keep the chew thing. And later I will gnaw on it some more and wonder where they all went.

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