Sunday, July 21, 2013

Words worth waiting for

Yesterday, Dad and I wrote about words that made no sense. But I didn't want you to think that I thought that there weren't any words that make sense. Some words make the most sense! Here are some of my favorites ever!!!

  • Bark. YES! It sounds just like it is. Also it is the name for the outside of a tree. At first I didn't get this, but then I saw (noticed? Oh, like NOTES!) But then I noticed that the outside of a tree feels just like a bark sounds. Great job, people!!!
  • Noticed. I just learned this one. But it is like notes, which you make to remember things, and also like you use to sing. So it is like you want to make sure you don't forget something so that you can sing about it later!
  • Rawhide. This is the name for the tasty-chew-bone that is SO GOOD and I LOVE IT THE MOST!!! I like the people name even better, because when you're halfway done you want to hide it. Also because "Raw" just sounds great! I want to bark like this word sounds!!!
  • Park is also a great word and much better than "outside open place". The park is where everyone goes to play and bark, so that just makes so much sense!
  • Okay! Especially, when Peanut Butter says it to me.
  • Food. I said it yesterday too, but I didn't want you to forget that you can bring me some. Also, Dad says that food is spelled alot like good. And that just makes sense, because they mean the same thing to me .
  • Gopee... What's that Dad? It's two words? "Go" and "Pee"? Huh, I never got that before. Well then I guess just "pee."
  • Pee. Because I only hear this word when I am allowed to do it. And that makes it a word worth waiting for.

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