Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just words

Dad says that since I'm writing a blog that people can read that I can use more people words for things. People words don't always make sense (like why is a "couch" called that? It's long and you use it for sitting or lying down on, but when you're sitting on it you are not couching it, are you?) But he says he can help me find the people words when they don't make sense to me and then you can read my blogs better. But for now, here are more words that make no sense:

  • A tree is supposed to be the tall outside things. I would call them tall-rounders, or boy-dog-pee-posts.
  • Rackets are supposed to be the round-sticks that people use to play with the tennis balls. But making a racket doesn't mean you're making one of them. And if you're running a racket you're also not running one of these.
  • Telephone pole. First, it looks more like a tree. Second, what is a telephone?
  • Tennis ball. I know this one because Mom and Dad use it all the time for the thing that I love the most. I think ten is supposed to be a number, but this word says that ten is a ball. So is ten a number or is it a ball?
  • Chair. What about the word "chair" sounds like it is something to sit on? It sounds more like something you should breath when you are cold.
  • A log is supposed to be part of a tree. So why is it not just called tree-part?
  • Kitchen. This is the room where Mom and Dad drop food, so food-room would be better. It could also be called people-bark room, because that's all I hear when I go in there.
  • Food. Actually, I love this word the most. Food is so awesome, it doesn't even need to be a word and I would love it the most! I just mention it because I wanted to say that if you meet me, please bring food. (Every kind is my favorite.)
  • Blog. It sounds like log, but has nothing to do with trees or tree parts, or even telephone poles. It is just words, so that's what it should be called.

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