Monday, July 8, 2013

A Proper Sniff

Okay, Dad says I'm supposed to say more about me in my blog first. He says you can write back, but first I have to share stuff. He says you can't see me spin too.  That's too bad because I'm a real good spinner. Everybody yells and laffs a lot when I spin.

My name is Nima. Really it's Dixie, but my Mom and Dad only call me Nima. I don't think they know my real name.  They're also not my real Mom and Dad. They're good for people though. They adopted me from a really REALLY nice foster home where I had, like 12 brothers and sisters. I'm not really sure how many I had because I only have four paws, so I kept losing count. Before that I was in some really sad place with big walls and fences, and a lot of sad dogs.  I didn't like it there.  Before that I don't remember. I think the sad place must be where everything comes from. At least dogs anyway.  Maybe walls and fences too.  Isn't that kind of weird?

Anyway I was still real young when Mom and Dad adopted me.  They brought me to a place with lots of chewy things and carpets I could pee on.  I liked that place.  I peed in most of the rooms and I chewed anything I could find when I got lonely. I got lonely a lot 'cause I was used to being with like 12 brothers and sisters.  Then we moved to another place that didn't have carpets.  I was more used to being alone so I didn't chew as much anymore.  But I still peed on most of the rooms.

Then we moved again.  We moved really far.  We tried lots of places along the way, but most of them were not good places. Only one place was the best.  It is called Flagstaff.  IT IS AMAZING!!!! It has the best smells I have ever smelled.  I wanted to live there forever, but we left the next day.  This is how I know Mom and Dad are not my real parents for sure.

We stopped and stayed at the next place.  It's called Santa Monica.  It is pretty nice too. It has okay smells, and sometimes I get to go to the beach which is the third best place ever. The best place ever is the fun place I go to once in a while. This really big guy comes to my house and then takes me to his car with other happy doggies in it.  Then we go to his house and we play ALL DAY LONG!!! I don't take a nap or nothing.  Then at the end of the day he takes me back to my house and I fall asleep all night.  I don't know what OMG means, but I think this is where I'm supposed to say it. 

The four things I like the best are: 

  • Food (whatever kind there is the most of is the best kind)
  • Tennis balls
  • Peanut butter
  • Anything I can swallow that makes me feel sick later on
The four places I like the best are:
  • The happy doggie place
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • The beach kind of near Santa Monica - the one with lots of dogs and tennis balls on it.
  • My Grandma's backyard.  She lets me dig holes as deep as I can and never tells me to stop.
The four things that smell the best are:
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • Garbage
  • Poop I find on the street
  • This is a trick category.  Everything smells the best.

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