Monday, July 15, 2013

House Play

No! Tennis Ball, No! Why did you have to go on the low table? You know I'm not allowed to get at things on the low table! Now I have to sing my sad bark-song to myself.

Yay Mom! PLEASE get the tennis ball! It was bad, not me. Oh! Yeah, Mom! Bouncy tennis ball!!! I'm gonna play this the best this time! The BEST!!! I... can't... seem... to... catch... it... I GOT IT!!! I'M THE BEST, EVER!!!

Mom you are being so funny! How can you say my name in such a high voice?!! You are SO CRAZY, I have to run fast now... so fast... SO FAST!!! WaaaAAAaaatch... meeEEEeee... runnnNNNnnn... arrrRRRrrrounnnNNNnnd... theeeEEEeee... bigggGGGggg... coooOOOooouch!!! WAIT!!!! Did you just say, "BOUGH!" I'm ducking!!! "Say it again!" You are SO FUNNY! Chase me up the stairs now Mom! Oh you said, "BOUGH!" again. I'm ducking, Mom, I'm ducking! I can say it too!

HOLD ON! STOP EVERYTHING! Did I just hear Peanut Butter? I have to go now.

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