Thursday, July 18, 2013

People can be smart, too.

Yesterday I learned that people can be smart, too. I mean smart in a smart way... Not in the way that they can do things you can't, like reach the flip thing that makes light come and go, or reach under the sit things and get the tennis ball out, or turn the round thing that makes the door open. That's just being tall and having paws that can wrap around stuff. Sometimes people are smart because they know stuff you didn't - like what to do when you are feeling too much.

Yesterday, I ate stuff to make me sick and give me powers, but I got them at the wrong time. I got them after bedtime started and I was messing it up because I couldn't stop feeling too much... You know how when you're feeling too much how you have to lick tickle-things to make it feel less much? In the car, you can lick the soft seats, and in my house you can lick the fuzzy ground. But I did that last night when I was feeling TOO too much, but licking wasn't enough to make it go away!

I heard Mom first, she said my licking wasn't right. Dad said he would "look it up" and then he took me upstairs... I know what "looking" is, and I know what "up" is, but Dad didn't do either. Instead he went to his tapping box (NOT HELPING, DAD!!!). But then he must have known again what Mom said because then he took me outside just before my inside came out.

And even after my inside came out, I was still feeling too much! I kept licking what I could find to make more tickles, but it wasn't enough. That is when Dad showed me that he can be smart about real stuff and is not just tall with paws that wrap around things... Dad took me back inside when I didn't want to go there, and got something out of the big food box that hums and sometimes chirps. It was ginger-smelled, but my powers made it TOO MUCH too and I didn't want it at all -- even though I love all food the most!!! But then Dad told me through peanut butter that I had to eat it, so I did because peanut butter said so. Then my powers went away all at once and that's when I knew that people know smart things too.

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