Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ugh. My parents say I'm getting a new cuzin.

My Auntie Kristen and Uncle Zak live on the other side of my house. I go over there whenever I want if the door is open to the upstairs outside place. I also go over when they have parties because no one knows how to have fun as much as me. (You know it's not a party until somebody pees on the floor!). Uncle Zak is really fun too. He knows how to sing just like a real doggie. And so I try to jump on him and make him sing whenever I see him. Auntie Kristen is great too. She wipes my mouth after I drink water because sometimes I forget I still have water in it when I'm done drinking. And then she brings out a tennis ball, which I love the most!

But Mom and Dad said that my Auntie and Uncle are getting me a new cuzin. But here's what I say. Just because you're a dog doesn't mean you're my cuzin! Lots of dogs pretend to be another dogs cuzin when they want to move in and take over. I used to have lots of brothers and sisters. My real mom and dad probably did too. That means I already HAVE lots of cuzins. I don't need you to get me a new (fake!) one.

I'm not going to like this dog on purpose. He is a fake cuzin, so I will call him fuzin to his butt. I already think he's annoying and when I see him, I'm going to jump on him until he pees. Then he's going to roll in his pee and I'm going to be the big cuzin. And when no one is looking I will eat all of his food and he will have none and he will want to go away and he will wish he were my real cousin and not trying to be my fuzin which is not any kind of cuzin at all!

Ugh. I hope he is not big.

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