Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dadless, day one?


When I went to Doggie Goddess yesterday, he was still here. Sometimes when the BigFunGuy brings me back, Mom and Dad are not home, so I try not to worry and I'm so sleepy anyway. They always come home sometime, so I just went to sleep. But I woke up when Mom came home and THERE WAS NO DAD!!! And it was already late and Mom started bedtime without him even here yet!!

WHERE IS DAD?! It is the morning now and he is not here!!! Oh, why did you not learn to sniff your way when I showed you?? DAD, I WILL FIND YOU!!! I WILL NOT STOP SEARCHING UNTIL YOU ARE FOUND! I WILL... Oh, BigFunGuy is here again. I gotta go!

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