Friday, July 19, 2013

I can find them

There is a place near my house where you can find tennis balls if you are good at finding, like I am. It is not the open place where anyone can find tennis balls because people leave the dead ones there. The tennis balls I find are alive and they are hiding from me and from people too. And I will tell you why and I will tell you what you can do...

Next to the place where the alive tennis balls go to hide is a flat place where people play one of the people games with them. It is not pee-ball, but it is played with the same ball, and it looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! People take the alive tennis balls and hit them the hardest they can with a round-flat stick so that they go SO FAST!!! I want to play it, too, but the flat place is too far down and is behind a fence and Dad won't let go of the rope so he will not get lost. So I sit and watch them play their game and I hope that they will tell Dad and me how I can get down there so I can play next too! Then they can show me how to play their game, but first I would show them how to play pee-ball, because it is the most fun ever!

But the place where I find the alive tennis balls is where they hide from the people when they can get away from them. They hide in the thickest short-stick-bunches next to the flat place. And they hide as deep in as they can get so they will not be found. And people can't find them because the tennis balls get too deep and they are the same color as the short-stick-bunches. And because people have small noses and can't smell them. And they have flat ears and can't hear the alive ones hissing. And the alive ones hiss all of the time, because they are already dying. They were dying even before the people game started, and that is why they are hiding from everyone!

But I try to find them and make them stop hissing right away so that they will not be dying anymore. When I smell them and hear them, I pull hard on my Dad even though he is afraid he will get lost. Dad, I found him! And I can get him if... you... will... just... let go... a little bit! I got him!!! Then I bite him the hardest so that he will not be dying anymore the quickest. Then I carry him home.

Tennis balls are my favorites, because they make pee-ball so fun (SO FUN!!!). So I take care of them even after they are not dying anymore. And they are still fun in pee-ball and I bet they would still be fun in round-flat-stick ball. So if you want, I can find them and stop them dying anymore first, and then you can still use them in your games too.

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