Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chew things

I just can't stand it!

Sometimes being a doggie is hard. I know what it takes to be safe and how a pack is supposed to do, but my people don't always do the right rules or listen to my actions.

Every time I go for a walk with Mom, Dad, and now Grandma, I show them how sniffing is the best way to keep from getting lost... how each street smells different even when they can look the same. I even stop and point the longest at the smelliest bits so that they can sniff it for themselves. But they just don't get it! So I leave more of my own pee smell along the way, but they don't sniff that either or even leave their own smells, so what good is that?!

I know what you are going to say... You have to let people do some of the learning on their own. But this is too important! They are going to get lost again for a long time! I know I'm supposed to let them go out on their own, but they don't use good actions. So then I know that they are going to get themselves hurt and it will hurt me SO BAD on my inside at the same time!!!

And I can hear you already... Sometimes, no matter what you do -- even when you do all the right rules and actions -- you can get hurt or you can be hurt on your inside if others in your pack get hurt doing the right rules and actions. And when I know that again I don't feel as tight, but I also don't feel as sure.

And that makes me want to chew something SO MUCH!!! But there is none of the chew things in the downstairs anymore, and I just can't stand it!

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