Friday, July 12, 2013

What I know about water...

Sitting in the downstairs again (AGAIN!) and listening to water drip out of the spray thing has me thinking about water all day.

Here is what I know about water. Water is amazing and weird, but it is not my friend. But I should start with the basics. There are at least four kinds of water:

  • Water in the bowl.
  • Water that comes out of that spray thing.
  • Water in the creek.
  • Water in the ocean.

Water can be the biggest or smallest thing. (Except for water in the bowl. That kind of water can never be bigger than the bowl.) It can be powerful and take away your smell-name -- like when Dad puts me in the big hard bowl and uses the water from the spray thing to take my smell-name away. And Dad that makes me mad and you should STOP DOING IT!!!

Water in the bowl is the most important kind, because I can drink it when I'm thirsty and I can get Mom and Dad to fill it back up just by sitting next to it. Also I can splash the ones at the open place when I need the dry ground to get muddy and then I can lie down in the mud to get my smell-name back.

Water in the creek is the most fun kind because there is so much, and I can find other doggies in it. And we can pee in it and drink it at the same time! And sometimes people throw tennis balls in it, and I can try to get the tennis ball and play pee-ball. And some doggies can go all the way out and get the ball, but I can't go past my chest, because I don't know how to make my legs go longer.

But water in the ocean is the most different. There is so much of it (SO MUCH!). But it tastes bad so I can't drink it. It smells like food, but I can't eat it. And it moves... IT MOVES ALL BY ITSELF!!! I think it is Alive Water. And it tries to get me, so I back away so it can't reach all the way to me. But then Mom and Dad throw my tennis ball in it (ARE ALL PEOPLE CRAZY?!). And I want it back, but the Alive Water grabs it and tries to make me come after it so it can grab me too... But then it throws the ball back to me and I think maybe Alive Water just wants to play and be friends. But I can't be its friend because it doesn't have a butt, and you can never be friends with someone who doesn't have a butt.

And so what I'm saying, Dad, is that this why you need to make the spray thing stop dripping water ALL. DAY. LONG!

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