Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More or less

Yesterday Mom gave me a tasty-chew-bone that is so good (SO GOOD!!! MOM, I LOVE IT THE MOST!!!). And I took it and went far away from Mom and Dad in case they wanted it back, because I wanted it to be just for me. But I couldn’t finish it when it was too much. And I still wanted it SO BAD!!! And I didn’t want anyone to find it and think they should have it and not me! I needed to dig and be able to hide it and protect it, but there was nowhere!... In my house I can’t dig into the ground, because it is too hard. So if I have something I need to keep away from everyone, there is no place for it and I can lose it. And that can make me feel small and less and it makes me sing my sad-bark song to myself.

I am a doggie that lives in a people world. In a doggie world, I would not live inside my house that I have now -- with its hard ground, and wall-ways that I can’t open because my paws can't wrap around the round things that need to turn first. And because I would live in Flagstaff, AZ (my favorite EVER!!!) and run, and chase those little grey guys with fluffy tails, and play all day long! Sometimes when I can’t do things, I feel like I'm less. But when I go to the outside places, sometimes I can do things that make me feel more again. I can run alot, and I can catch the fast tennis balls out of the air, and I can DIG!

Digging is the thing that makes me feel more the most.

When you dig, you feel powerful. You are making the ground move away for you. You can be inside of it and you can take its cool and make it yours. And you can also take its smells out and wear them as your smell-name. In the outside open place, in my Grandma’s back yard, and at the beach that is near Santa Monica, I can dig and dig and DIG!!! And I can feel powerful the most! And I can be all better and know again that Mom and Dad never take my tasty-chew-bone away anyway. So I will still have it always even though my house is not my best house ever. And then I know that it is my house that is less and not me and I feel all the way more again.

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