Thursday, October 24, 2013

Backwards blog

I'm back in my own blog! And what a weekend I had! It was the BEST TIME with Uncle Corey and Auntie Christina! I didn’t EVEN KNOW it was going to happen! ...Because nobody told me it was going to happen... Not even my Mom and Dad, who you think would tell a doggie that they were going to go away for SO MANY days, before they left! But I hardly noticed they weren’t here because I was having so much fun without them!!

And it really was the BEST, because Uncle Corey came over first and it was a super fun surprise! And it made me think that we were going to have another party that I love (LOVE) the most!! And so I started it right away when he came in by showing him how I can spin is a circle SO FAST! And then I stopped and dipped down low, so he knows right away that it is time to play!!! And then it is time to run around the couch while Uncle Corey says something that sounds like, “Alright, alright.” But I think it just means, “Blah, blah. Party!!!!” And so then I jump on a tennis ball and make it bounce so high that I need to play-bark at it, because that’s what you do that when it surprises you! Even I have to do it and I don't even like my voice because it sounds so funny to me.

But it wasn’t a party yet, I guess because we didn’t set up for it yet. So I took Uncle Corey for a walk and showed him all the places he should sniff in my neighborhood. But he didn’t sniff them because he is not too smart just like all people. And then after we got back Auntie Christina came over and I thought it was time to party so I showed her how to be the most excited EVER!!! But it still wasn’t time to party yet, because we hadn’t had dinner yet, so I waited for them to finish dinner and then feed me dinner and... And I just have to ask, what is the deal with feeding a doggie last? My dinner is the easiest to make and I can eat it and start getting the party ready if you just feed it to me already. I can even help you finish yours quicker, because, c’mon, we all have other things we need to get done, right?!

And after dinner we played tennis ball bounce and toy pull until I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a party-party, just all this fun with Uncle Corey and Auntie Christina. But that was even better! Because there can be so many people at a party that people don’t know to play with me. And then they stayed! For day after day! Which was good because Mom and Dad still didn’t come home the whole time and didn’t even leave food and stuff out for me to eat while they were gone so long!

And even when Uncle Corey and Auntie Christina would leave, it was still a party because then Auntie Kristen and Uncle Zak would come play! So it was Uncle Corey and Auntie Christina, and then Auntie Kristen and Uncle Zak, and then Uncle Corey and Auntie Christina again, AND THEN it was Uncle Zak and Mom and Dad!!! And it was like it was a party but just spread out the MOST!!! And I had the most fun without Mom and Dad while they were gone that I hardly noticed they weren’t here the whole time!

But I’m glad they’re back, because right when I realized that they were gone, I backwards-missed them SO MUCH!!!

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