Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crazy scary hard

Do you notice how people are always saying that something is "so hard"? I hear them say that running can be so hard, even though it's more like just walking fast. And they say that waking up early is really hard, even though I like it the best! And I even hear people say that just sleeping can be SO HARD. And I guess it is, because if you are a person and you don't do it right, you aren't supposed try it again until the next night! I call that silly-hard, because it is hard, but is doesn't even have to be. None of these things are hard for a doggie, but that doesn't mean it's easy to be a doggie, either.

Most people know the things that are all-the-way too hard for a doggie - like opening the wall-way or turning on or off the inside-lights, because we're not tall enough and because our paws don't wrap around things the right way. But there are other things that are really hard for a doggie that people don't think about. And the thing that is most like that for a doggie is walking down the stairs... Walking down the stairs is scary-hard for doggies!

And if you are a person - which you probably are if you are reading this blog-thing - you probably think that sounds weird. Because for a person, walking down the stairs is SO EASY! You guys only walk on your back paws, which most of the time seems silly to a doggie, because it makes you so slow and clumsy. But when you walk down the stairs, or even sometimes run (actually REALLY run!) down the stairs you make it look SO EASY AND FUN!! You can even carry the biggest things down the stairs at the same time - things that can be so big that a doggie can't even move it across the room!! And that is CRAZY, because a doggie can't do any of that! We walk on all of our paws, so carrying stuff is hard. And usually walking and running on all of our paws is the best, but the stairs are SO steep and SOOOO short, that it can actually scare a doggie just to think about doing it!

When you are a doggie walking downstairs, your head is so low that it can be lower than your back paws - or even your front paws! You are almost walking upside down!! And at first it feels like you are going to fall over and all the way down the stairs. No that's not right... It ALWAYS feels like you are going to fall over and down the stairs! It took me FOREVER to learn how to walk down stairs. And back then there were even scarier stairs in the back of my house where I used to live. Those stairs made you spin in a circle AND go downstairs at the same time!!! Can you imagine doing that upside down?! That is just CRAZY-SCARY-HARD!!!

If you want to see how hard it is to walk down stairs like a doggie you should try it for yourself. But my Dad says I have to tell you to "consult a physician" first... I don't know what "consult" means or what a "physician" is, but you better do it because I am already telling you that this is crazy-scary-hard!!


  1. Duke would be right there with you on this one! We took him down some slippery stairs this weekend in a parking garage and he was not happy, it was really hard for him!

    1. Right! Who keeps putting these things in between all the good stuff?!