Friday, October 18, 2013

What you already know

I'm just going to tell you, because you've probably been wondering already. And if you live with doggies at all, you probably wonder about this the most. And you're reading my blog so I love (LOVE!!!) you so MUCH!! So the answer to you question is yes...

All doggies think about eating their people.

Ahhh! I feel lighter already! It's true, though. We can't help it. You already know we think hard - and I mean really hard - about eating other animals. If you've ever seen me, you've seen me eat bugs - sometimes right out of the air! And if you've ever walked with me, you know I want to chase those fluffy tailed douchebags SOOOO MUCH! And mostly I want to put them in their right place for them. But I also want to eat them. At least one of them. But really a lot of them... I'm sure that's no surprise.

But when you're just laying around the house, and you see your people just laying around the house, or you see them eating their food, but not feeding you yet, then you can't help but think... what would I do if they stopped giving me food? I mean my Mom and Dad are the best - THE BEST!!! And they would NEVER not give me food on purpose. And I would never really eat them even if they did stop feeding me! But when I'm laying there hungry and smelling all that food. My mind just starts to think... what if they just ran out of food? I mean if that happened, then they wouldn't have any food either. And we'd all be hungry... And laying around the house together... I mean... If it came to THAT it would have to be one of us! So... I could eat Dad. He's a little on the lean side, but he's tall and there's a lot more meat on him than on a whole bunch of fluffy tailed douchebags. If he were sleeping and weak because he was hungry, I could eat him.

Or I could eat Mom. She looks more yummy. And she's also got a lot more meat on her than a bunch of fluffy tailed douchebags. And either way it would be a fight! They're both strong, but I'm the fastest. So I'd have to wait until they were weak and sleepy, but not so long that I was weak and sleepy too. I'd keep my strength up by eating bugs until I got my chance. Then I'd eat'em both up at once. That would be the best way.

But, I mean that's all just thoughts in my head. I would never, EVER actually do it. My Mom and Dad are the BEST! And I love (LOVE!!) them the MOST!!! I just think about it sometimes is all. All doggies do... When you're eating and we're waiting to see if you will share some with us... we think about eating you.

Well I feel much better now... Oh, and by the way, were you going to eat all of that?

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