Monday, October 7, 2013

Doggie tricks

I've been working really hard to put together the best (THE BEST!!) blog a doggie ever put together. I mean Dad's been helpful, but mostly it's me. I have to think up ALL the words and all Dad does is tap them into his tapbox. Sometimes he and Mom take pictures of me and some of them can go in my blog too. But sometimes I think they're playing tricks on me, because they know something I haven't told you yet. They know I can't read. So I need you to tell me when they're playing tricks on me - like the time when they took these pictures of me with this sign.

Do you know what this says? Mom and Dad won't tell me.

Seriously. What does this say??

This is the WORST! I can't read, so I don't know what this says!!

Are you staring at me now because you know I can't read?

I don't see you staring at me. I. Don't. See. You.

Okay fine! I see you. Just tell me what it says! Are they pulling a trick on me?


  1. I'm sorry Nima, but if you are unable to read, then how is possible for me to tell you what the sign says.

    1. I can hear! Wait... are you playing a trick on me too!?

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