Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sniff this

Hey Dad! Sniff this!

Um... No thanks, Nima.

No seriously! It is REALLY AWFUL! You're gonna HATE this THE BEST!

Yeah, I'm going to take your word for that, Nima.

No way! You HAVE to sniff this!! I promise, you'll NEVER forget this smell!

Well... I shouldn't but... WHOA-WOWWA!!! That is... WHA... That is... AH...

I KNOW! Words can't describe it, right?! IT IS SOOOO COOOOLLLL!!!!

Nima, that is... incredibly heinous and repulsive and it makes me very sad inside at the same time. And it makes me want to tell everyone I know that I love them, because life is too short!

Wow. Okay... I guess you found some words...

Why, Nima? Why do you sniff things like that? What makes THAT so cool?

What, did you not just see yourself? You were alive SO MUCH! And plus now you and me are the same more than before. We both smelled it. We both know it!


Every doggie knows that when you sniff something, you don't just smell it. You bring it right inside your head! So it's like you ate it! No... it's more than that... It's like you joined with it! No... it's even more than that... It's like you made of it yourself! Yeah, when you sniff something the right way - when you sniff it really good and hard - you make it all over again inside of you! And you smell it over and over again so you know it the best and forever.

Soooo.... I'm going to know THAT smell forever?

YEAH! It's just like what you told me about people-words and blogs and books and stuff.

THAT smell is like blogs?

No, sniffing is like blogs. Because you said that when you read something, you don't just see the words, you say them inside your head to yourself. And you repeat them inside your head. So that when you read something - not just see a picture of it, or watch it on your flat, noisy box - you are actually making those thoughts inside your head for yourself.

I said that? I mean... Yeah, I said that.

Yeah! And that makes you know whatever it is you're reading THE BEST!!

Yeah, but...

And if you and someone else read the same thing, then it's like you both know it the best together, and that makes you both more the same as each other!

Okay, but...

But you know that I can't read,... so...

So... you made me sniff THAT, so that we could be "more the same."

Yeah! Oh, and I didn't just make you sniff it - I made it, too! So you and me could sniff it together! And now you and me are WAY more the same as each other!!

Okay... I really wish I could tell you to clean this up.

Yeah, but we should really leave it for Mom to sniff too. Don't you think? Smell you later!


  1. LOL what did you smell, Nima?

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    1. Who knows? It was the WORST! Isn't that the BEST?