Thursday, October 3, 2013

Secret Party

I went to a secret party!

Yesterday I went to Doggie Goddess and it was AMAZING! I don't know how they pack in so much fun EVERY SINGLE TIME I go there... But they do! In the morning, BigFunGuy came to pick me up. I saw his doggie-filled car from my downstairs balcony and I was happy right away! SOOOO HAPPY!!! And I ran to the front wall-way of my house and barked at him, so that he wouldn't get lost and forget where to find me. He always found me before, but he is a person, so you can never be too careful! And then he came in and I ran under the table because I wanted to play with him already! HE IS SOOOO FUN!!! But I forgot that Mom was there and she likes to play too. She grabbed me right away, so she won. And she gave me to BigFunGuy and we went to Doggie Goddess. And I already told you about how I have the most fun there, so I won't tell you again now, except to say that IT IS ALWAYS SO MUCH FUN!!!

And I always come home SO TIRED! I was home before Mom and Dad and BigFunGuy put me in the downstairs. And it didn't matter, because I just wanted to sleep SO MUCH! And when Mom and Dad came home I just walked past them up to the best bed in the house that I can be in to go back to sleep. I was SO SLEEPY!!

But not so sleepy that I couldn't eat dinner. And soon I heard Dad making my dinner in the dinner bowl, and then he and Mom did something wrong for them. They gave me dinner AND peanut butter (which is THE BEST -- that is NEVER wrong!) and then they gave it to me AND THEN THEY LEFT MY HOUSE! And peanut butter never told me to go "DOWNSTAIRS!" So they didn't put me in the downstairs before they left. And then I was all alone and not in the downstairs!

It was confusing and scary! I mean not so scary I couldn't finish my dinner and eat all of my peanut butter up right away. But it was scary when I was all done and I was still alone! So I ran around everywhere to look for them. First I looked in the food room. And I went all the way in the back to look in the pantry, but it was closed so I couldn't look in there. And then I went to look in the garbage, but that was pushed too far back for me to get in to. So then I ran all the way upstairs and saw that the see-through-wall-way to my upstairs balcony was open. Maybe they went out there? I went outside and over to check the other side of my house.

And that's when I saw that Uncle Zak and Uncle Corey were having a party on the other side of my house. And I wanted to be in the party, but the breath-through wall-way was closed. So I started singing my sad-bark song... and it worked!! Uncle Zak came and let me in! And I ran right in and I jumped up on the bed so that I could be on it before Uncle Zak tells me I can't be on it anymore. Which he did right away, so it was good I jumped up on it first. And then I went downstairs to play with Uncle Zak and Uncle Corey the most! And I sniffed the whole house because it's been a while since I was on this side of my house. And I found the funnest ball of something that is soft like socks but doesn't look like it would go on any person's feet I've ever seen. And I brought it out so we could all play with it, but Uncle Zak didn't want to play with it, so I let him take it away.

And that is when I heard Mom and Dad coming back to the side of the house that they are usually on, so I ran right back over to tell them they should come to my party! And when they came in I crouched down and stuck my butt in the air so they would know that it is time to play RIGHT NOW!!! And Dad ran around the house and then upstairs and I followed him and I barked because he was being so fun! And I crouched again by the open see-through-wall-way so he would know where to come play.

But he didn't come. He went back downstairs. And I was confused for a second, but then I realized that he didn't know about the party because it was a secret party! And then I heard Auntie Kristen come into the secret party, and I smelled she brought food with her, so I went back to the party. But don't tell Mom and Dad that, because it is a secret too! And secret parties are only fun if you are in on the secret... which now you are so I hope you liked it too.

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