Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How is this working?

(A guest post by GracieDog)

I still don’t… I just think it and you write… what… everything? So where is Nima? I want to see her... I want to help too, so tell me again… And it goes into people… and when do we start… oh… OH!

Hi! I’m Gracie! I get to help Nima with... I miss Nima. Oh Nima! You should have come too! I could have shared my bed again! And…

Oh hey! Can you just pet me for a minute again… yeah… and scratching… YEAH! And,… oh, a little more okay? YEAH… can you keep… oh, you can’t tap the thing at the same… well just a little more petting then, okay? YEAH!!!

Nima’s Mom and Dad are staying at my house this weekend, so Nima’s Dad said that I could help Nima with her blog – whatever that is… But I don’t get it…how does this work if Nima isn’t… Wait, is Nima here? NIMA!!! I…NIMA!!!!

Oh, she’s not here. Then what is this for? So she can… OH! What it’s like to be a doggie! Well I know all about that…

Being a doggie is hard. You can’t just pee and poop wherever you want all the time… just sometimes. And you can’t always get all the food you want even when your people have it right in their hands, because sometimes people are jerks… but just sometimes. And sometimes your people will try to take you outside and too far from home when there’s not enough of them with you… and that can be hard, because if they get lost you won’t be able to get back inside your house by yourself, so you should always bring lots of extra people when you go outside!

But being a doggie can be great too! Because you get to sit and sleep whenever and wherever you want all over the place! And you can be the most helpful in the kitchen because you can help clean up all the drops and spills! And your most important job is to angry-bark at people at the front wall-way. I love that job! I’m the best at it when I do it to the shadow-person who climbs on my front-house-deck and pushes the papers through my front wall-way. He can jump so high, sometimes!

Oh, wait! Please scratch me for a minute behind my…YEAH! And, no please don’t stop yet… a little more… Ahhhh…

You know me and Nima were sometimes-pack-friends until she and her Mom and Dad disappeared for so long. And she could come over to my house and she was the best at playing F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I mean it. I mean… she was almost TOO MUCH fun, sometimes. Because you could never sleep when she was here. But I liked her funness and missed her when I stopped seeing her at all. Is she coming soon? Wait, can she hear me now? HI! HI NIMA!!

Oh she can’t… then I confu… I need to lay down. How is this working, again?

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