Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bite sized


They are delicious, and crunchy, and they come in bite sizes, and they move around SO MUCH to make themselves the easiest to find! And there are so many (SO MANY!!!) different yummy kinds!

(Dad says you might think this part is kind of gross, so you might want to skip down to where I say you can read again.)

I love (LOVE SO MUCH!!!) the fat flying ones that pop all juicy in your mouth! They fly up against the window and tap it over and over again to make a sound just in case you didn't see them already. And I love the wiggly ones with so many legs. THEY HAVE SO MANY OF THEM!!! I don't chew them right away because I like it when they make my tongue tickle. But the ones I love the best of all are the ones that only fly outside. They are on the things that Dad calls flowers and they make a buzz sound so that you can find them easier. I can catch them out of the air just like a tennis ball! And they can also pop all juicy like the window-tap bugs. But if you wait just a second before you chew them, they make your tongue go spicy then a little numb. It is THE BEST!!! I want to know how they do that!

I also like to eat the really skinny ones with long legs that sit on the wall outside at night. Dad says they look like giant moes-key-toes, but I don't know what moes-key-toes are so I don't know about that. What I do know is that they are quiet and hard to find, so sometimes I try to eat something I think is them, but it is just a spot on the wall and not any kind of bug at all. I feel a little silly then because it is usually when Dad is taking me out to pee and I must look so silly for trying to eat a no-thing on the wall. But it is worth it. You would think that they don't taste like anything because they are so skinny, but they actually they are the sweetest tasting bugs of all.

Another kind of night bug I like is what Dad calls a moth. They are fuzzy and flutter in your mouth before you chew them. It tickles like many-legs, but in a bigger way. They are hard for me to catch by myself, because they usually fly too high for me. But sometimes they fall down when they want me to try to eat them and that's when I snap them right up! They don't have to ask me twice!!

One kind of bug I don't eat very often is what Dad calls a spider. They can be good too -- they are more salty than sweet. But they are harder to find because they don't make any noise and also don't move very much. I almost never see them where it is easy to see a bug. Maybe there just aren't very many of them. I also don't eat what Dad calls ants. They don't taste the best and most of the ones I find are too small to be worth it. They are not even bite sized for me. Maybe they are sized for tiny dogs to eat.

Bugs are the best because they are free treats that they do everything you want a treat to do. Sometimes they can even fly right into your mouth!

(Okay, if you're skipping my gross part, you can read the rest of here.)

And that is why I love bugs!! I just wish there were more in my house.

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