Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day off

There's a man on my balcony. He's here to change it.

For a bunch of days now, people have been coming to my house and changing it. They throw wood and metal things onto my house and make loud banging sounds that I hate (HATE!!!) so much! So far they are putting new parts on it and then putting colors on them to make them look more like the balcony that was already here. There was nothing wrong with my balcony before. And so far it looks like there will be almost nothing different about it when they leave. It will just be different in some way that makes them feel better because they changed it.

I told you before how doggies and people are different because doggies live with what we find and people change what they live with. And it seems like that is one thing that will never change. Because here are people who don't even live here changing my house without really changing it. And instead being at my house changing mostly nothing, they could be somewhere else changing things that people or doggies really need - like things that help everyone play more, or spend more time with their packs, or go back to sleep. And my point is that if you are the man changing my house, then you should just take a day off and stop all those loud banging sounds!

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