Saturday, October 19, 2013

Can you hear that?

Do you hear that?

Because Mom and Dad act like they don’t hear it. And I’m hearing it the MOST! And they NEVER seem to hear it. They just keep sitting there or lying there when the sound starts like they don’t hear it at all! You can hear it, right?

It’s the one that comes into your ears from different places. It comes in when the lights that are not from the sky go on. It comes in when the thing that blows air goes on. It comes in when the flat noisy box starts yelling. And it comes in the loudest when the [vacuum cleaner] starts to roar! You hear THAT, right?!

You know how most sounds don’t live very long. They run in and out of your ears and you don’t know where they go next, but you can at least know where they came from. But these sounds… these pin-thin whispering, but sometimes screaming sounds… They grab onto your ears from the inside and they stick there, and they stay the longest! Eventually, they might get sleepy and go quiet, but then they can wake back up and start whispering their long pin-thin sounds again… until they fall asleep again. Seriously, you can’t hear THAT?!

I’m going Upstairs. It’s quieter up there.

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