Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hide and seek

Sometimes I lose Mom or Dad at the park. I get excited and I run to get a tennis ball down the hill. And it turns out that it is a chewy-wet one, which I love the most! So I run to my laying place next to the big tube and I lie down and chew it the best!! And if it's a really good tennis ball, I like roll and rub in the dirt because that just feels even more the best!!! But then I remember that Mom or Dad are here too, and I wanted to play with them. And…

Well you know how people all look alike from far away? They’re all standing at the top of the hill and they’re too far away to smell all the way apart. And people are really all just tall, narrow poles with heads on the top, so who can tell? And they’re just standing still, so you can’t see which one moves like Dad or like Mom. That’s when I lose them. And I look at that person, and then that person, and then that person, and I can’t tell which one is Dad or which one is Mom. And then finally, someone waves in a way I know, or makes a sound I know the best, and then I can see them again, and I run to them the fastest before I lose them again.

So I guess if you want to hide from a doggie the best way is to just stand still… and then try your best not to smell so much.

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  1. That is so smart…the part about standing still to hide from a doggie! I thinks I will do that and maybe my doggie sis and doggie bro won't find me if I stand really still:)