Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nima no bed

What. Just. Happened.

Is this a dream? Everything feels real, but not real. It is just not right...

It started getting strange when peanut butter told me to go outside on my balcony. It never tells me to go there! And right after it said I should go to the balcony, Dad walked out the front wall-way. But someone had closed the see-through wall way to the balcony so I couldn't go with him! Why would someone do that?! And right then... or right after I finished eating peanut butter up... Dad and some people came into my house, but I couldn't sniff them because I couldn't come in from the balcony.

Hello! I'm out here! Come say HI to me!! I love you already!!!

But Dad and them went Upstairs and carried big things back down. I couldn't smell them from the balcony and I couldn't tell what they were carrying.

Hello! I want to help! I... Hi! Can you just open the wall-way?

And then they took it outside and I could see them from the balcony. They were down on the street and they were putting whatever-it-was into someone's car that is not mine. I sang them my sad-bark song because I wanted to sniff them and what they were doing.

HI!!! I want to help too! Please come say Hi back to me! Hi! I'm out of peanut butter!

And it happened again and again. They kept taking big things out of the Upstairs and putting them into the car that is not mine.

WHO ARE YOU? WHAT IS THAT?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITHOUT ME??! I want to carry big things to the outside, too! Hey! Do you have any food?

Then they were gone - not Dad, just the people I couldn't sniff. And Dad came back in and Mom FINALLY opened the see-through wall-way. And I sniffed around but everything was the same. I could smell the new people a little bit. But I couldn't know who they were or what they were doing here. Strange, right?

And sometimes it gets strange around people when you're a doggie. So the best thing to do is to make sure you're people scratch your butt, so you know they still know you, and then go find your best bed and lay down in it.

Only I can't find my... it was right here... This is the place for it... I can still smell it!

Is this a dream? Everything feels real, but not real. It is just not right...

What. Just. Happened.

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