Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Juno Dog Blog

(A guest post by Juno Dog)

Mmmm-hey, I’m Juno, today’s guest poster for Nima’s blog. And... *sniff*sniff*... and I... *sniff*sniff*... you know you smell a little like Nima... yeah, I know that. But I’m just ...*sniff*sniff*... you have a little of her park smell-name about you... *sniff*sniff*... It’s a nice park... it smells like she’s doing well.

So I’m Juno, I used to be a sometimes-pack-friend of Nima’s. And Gracie, who did this guest-whatever thing yesterday, is in my forever-pack. And I’m going to help with Nima’s... whatever this thing is... because I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a bacon or pizza treat if I... Don’t shake your head. I can... No, you should just stop shaking your head... I definitely smell pizza on you...

So about being a doggie... you know you should try it because it is a pretty sweet gig. You get to pee and poop wherever and whenever you want – pretty much all the time. And you can always get all the food you want, because your people have it right in their hands and they are always so lovie with their food. And you get to clean up all the drops and spills that Gracie misses. And you get to angry-bark at people at the front wall-way with Gracie, and make them jump the highest! And that’s extra fun when you’re a short doggie like me. Because people don’t usually jump so high when I have to do it by myself.

But sometimes being a doggie can be hard, because your people won’t take you outside and far away from home often enough. And when they do take you outside, they might bring too many people along when you just want to go for a walk by yourself. So sometimes you just have to wait for your chance and slip away… and that should be a pretty sweet time, except your people come looking for you too soon, so you don’t really get to enjoy it enough...

You know I kinda need to pee, so maybe we could wrap this up. You want to give me that little piece of pizza you got there, or should I just go ahead and pee right... Mmmm-yum! ...good choice.

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