Monday, August 26, 2013

Bed Time

I have four beds. They are some of my favorite things in the world. They are soft and warm and I know them the best and that makes them even warmer.

I didn't always know beds or why I would want one. As far back as I can remember there's always been something soft in my home -- even in the grey sad home I lived in first had a soft thing in it just for me. But that didn't matter at first because sleeping is so easy. If you're tired you just lie down where you are and you go to sleep (as long as no one is going to play pee-ball over top of you). But the more times that were sad, or scary, or that I couldn't figure out how to know, the more I learned to know what a soft bed was for. It's for knowing where you are, or where to start, or sometimes where to start over.

Whenever Mom and Dad move us into my new house, the first thing -- the very first thing -- they bring in is my bed. Even when we just go to Grandma's house, where we stay for a short time (and it is NEVER long enough, because I love (LOVE!!!) it the most there!), the first thing they bring in is my bed. I don't need to go straight to the bed when I get to a place, but I like knowing that it is there. Because a bed will be there for you even when everyone else leaves. And a bed will hold you when everyone else is too busy to be with you. And a bed will know you even when people forget to know you.

At my house I have four beds. I have one bed in the downstairs, which I love because it is with me when peanut butter sends Mom and Dad away everyday. It sees me when I get scared that no one is there, and it stays with me no matter what. Even if I get angry or sad or scared or whatever at my downstairs bed. It still knows me and stays with me. And when I'm done being any of those things, it helps me start over.

I have a bed in the sleep-room, too. I love it, because it is my bed next to Mom and Dad all night. Also it is growing taller! Whenever I get a new bed in that room, it goes right on top of the old bed, and maybe one day my bed will be as tall as Mom and Dad's bed!

My newest bed is in the middle upstairs, where the food-room and eating place and noisy flat box are. I am still learning to know that bed, but I love it already because it is where I go to sit when Mom and Dad give me breakfast and dinner! What a great bed!!!

And my best bed is the bed all the way upstairs. It doesn't look like my other beds. It looks like the thing people call a couch that I'm not supposed to be on. But Mom and Dad let me be on it anyway. It is my biggest, softest bed, and it holds me the best no matter how I lay on it. It's where I want to be when I am the most tired, like after a long, super fun day at Doggie Goddess! I also use it when just Mom or just Dad goes away and I get worried because they might get lost without me. First, I look for them all over the house (Mostly I look for them in the garbage. Because if they were in there I might not be able to smell them right away. And also because that's where I would want to go before I go outside so that I could have the strongest smell-name!) and if I can't find them, or even if I do, I go back to this bed because it knows me the most!

But my most favorite bed of all is the bed that is not mine. It is the one that Mom and Dad sleep in. I can't be in that one, but that is where I always find them in the morning. It is where they are when they first know me everyday, and that makes it the warmest bed in my house and the one where I like to start the most.

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  1. Your mom and dad are so sweet to provide you soft and warm beds. That would define the kind of mood you’ll have when you wake up. These kinds of bed are worth the investment, so you can reach your full growth potential. Do they let you sleep in their bed too? Don’t scratch it, okay? Dante, The Healthy Bed Store=)