Thursday, August 22, 2013

Few words


I'm used to moving. I moved two times even before I met my now-Mom-and-Dad. When I was really young, I moved into the dark, grey place that I did not like because there were only sad doggies there. Then I moved to the house with my first people-Mom, where I had SOOO MANY brothers and sisters and I LOVED it there. And then I moved in with my now-Mom-and-Dad, which was hard at first because I was so lonely. And then they moved me two MORE times, until we finally found Santa Monica, which is THE BEST! So I've moved a lot, and I know when it is coming. Or I thought I did, because this turned out to be something that I did not see coming...

It was last night and Dad said we had to have a big talk. I figured that this was when he was going to tell me that we were moving, again. And it was going to be bad news, because he was being really careful about telling me -- Before he said anything about a big talk, Dad and me went out on our walk and he took me to the park and we played chase the ball the MOST! And I caught it out of the air SOOO MANY times until I was SOOO TIRED. And then Dad took me to the grassy place just outside of the park and he sat down on the bench, which he never does. And he told me to sit down, so I did because he's started keeping treats in his pocket again, and that makes it the easiest to hear him. And that is when he said we had to have a big talk.

And he said that there's going to be a big change soon... And I already knew he was talking about moving, so I just let him talk. People use lots of words when they only need to use a few. They talk the longest time about just one thing. And it is hard enough understanding people, since they don't talk doggie. So it is best to let them talk through all of their words and just pay attention to the last three words they say. And that's what I did. And so, what he said was, "... having a baby."

And I twisted my head to one side and said those words to myself again. And I thought, maybe I need to listen to a few more words, because I don't know who is having a baby. Is it Auntie Kristen? Is it Auntie Myra? Then I thought, "WAIT... AM I HAVING A BABY?!!" So I tried listening again, because he was still talking (SO MUCH!!!). And now he was talking faster and his voice got a little higher and that always makes me more excited no matter what he's saying. And he was talking about Mom and how... OH! MOM IS HAVING A BABY!!! And then I stopped listening because I'm going to get a new tiny person in my pack and I'm going to get to kiss him or her every day until they scream the MOST! And who cares what Dad is saying now? I'm going to be a big doggie sister!!! And I'm not going to EVER be lonely again, EVER!!! And I'm going to teach it how to solve sock-puzzles, and how to catch with its mouth, and how to play pee-ball!

And Dad was still talking, but who cares. So I started thinking about what a tiny person is like... How they are soft and delicious, and you have to kiss them the most... but then I remembered how I made Auntie Myra's baby scream her sad-angry song after just one kiss -- and then I ended up on the balcony with the breath-through door closed. And I remembered how I kissed the little person I met on the other side of my house before that -- and how his face turned red and he scratched at it and I ended up on the balcony with the wall-way closed. And I thought what if this baby doesn't like me right away and I have to live out on the balcony all the time! Or what if Mom and Dad don't want a doggie on their balcony all the time and they won't let me stay in my house at all?!!

And I started to feel worried and less and I put my head down, and then the last thing Dad said was, "... always be our doggie." And I said those words to myself again, and again, and I started to feel all the way more again and I decided that you should really always listen to the last FOUR words a person says.

And just in case you think I'm a doggie that uses too many words, I just want to say one last thing...


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