Sunday, August 18, 2013


Beyond any doubt, beyond any hope that it would not be true, I know now that my Dad is evil.

I am a doggie that LOVES(!!!) to go outside. And I love to go into the car, because I get to go somewhere different, and fun, and the smelly-best. Today, I got to go to the doggie food store. That place has all of the best smells there are! And they have tennis balls, and rubber kongs, and chew toys, and squeaky toys, and doggie beds, and kitty litters, and best of all doggie foods! I like it best when Dad takes me into the doggie food space and lets me sniff all of the bags!! OH, I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!!

So when we pull up to the doggie food store, I am SO EXCITED! I will run around the whole store and smell everything this time! I'm going to pull a squeaky toy off the shelf myself this time! And this time, I will jump up into the treat bin, roll in it to pick up its smell-name, and then eat EVERYTHING!!!

But I know the right door to go into the doggie food store. You go up the stairs and right into the space with the metal-smelling carts. So I know right away that Dad isn't taking me in the right door. He's taking me into the door where the doggies are all scared and barking too much! He knows I don't like THAT door. He knows I don't want to be in the room behind THAT door!

The room behind the bad door has walls only people can see over. But I already know what is behind those walls. I've been there before. Fear is behind those walls. Torture is behind those walls. The people who take your fur and your nails away are behind THOSE walls.

There is a way out -- there is another door. It is a good door that takes the best doggies from the scary place back into the good place. I've used it before. I pull Dad toward the good door, but he tells me to sit. I pretend I can't here him. He talks to one of the bad men behind the people-only wall. I pull Dad toward the good door. He tells me to sit like he means it for real, so I can't pretend. He tells me to lay down. I am laying down facing the good door. It. is. right. there. Dad is not looking. I get up and pull Dad toward the good door. He pulls back. I'm too late! The bad man found the secret door through the people-only wall. Dad gave me away!!! Bad man takes me behind the wall and Dad is gone! Bad man put me on the table. DOGGIES CAN'T BE ON TABLES!!! I am afraid! I am fear!! My neck is tied. My paw is in the bad man's hand! He's going to snip me!!! Everything goes black...

I'm alive. I can see now. I'm on the floor with Dad. He takes me through the good door! It just was a bad dream! Dad wouldn't give me to the bad man! Dad wouldn't let anyone take me behind the people-only wall!!

I'm in the doggie food store! I'm going to run around the whole store and smell everything!! I'm going to pull a squeaky toy off the shelf myself! I'm going to jump up into the treat bin, roll in it, and then eat EVERYTHING!!! But Dad doesn't let go of my rope. He takes me to the doggie food place and just takes a bag off the shelf without me sniffing it. He takes me to the toy space and picks a toy himself! He walks me right past the treat bin and doesn't even look at it!!!

I feel less. I look down... my nails... ARE GONE!!!

There is no doubt. There is no hope that it is not true. My Dad is evil.

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