Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thank you

You left the gate open last night. So I went into the pantry and ate a lot of dog food.

I'm pretty sure that's what you meant for me to do. Why else would you leave the gate open, when every other night you close it? Also, the pantry is at the back of the food-room that you always people-bark at me when I go in. But when I went in there last night, after you fell asleep, you didn't people-bark at me. So that means that it was okay for me to go in there, right? And the bag of dog food I found in the pantry was closed, but I was able to open it, so that must have been okay too. It wasn't the dog food you give me everyday, so I figured this was a special treat for tonight. And I didn't eat all of the dog food. There was this big plastic cup in the bag that got in my way too much. After I ate a bunch of the food, it got too hard to eat around it. So I thought that must mean that I should stop there.

I also slept upstairs all night.

When I was done eating so much (SO MUCH!!!) food, nobody said I should go downstairs, so I thought maybe you wanted me to stay upstairs. So I went all the way upstairs and I slept on the really comfortable bed up there. I didn't want to mess up bedtime for you guys, so it seemed like the best thing.

And I didn't tell you any of this before breakfast today.

After our walk, you guys seemed really busy -- playing in the sinks, and then putting all new stuff all over you, and then making and eating your own breakfasts, and then making my breakfast with the usual dog food. Also you wanted me to do all that stuff last night, so you already knew about it. I'm just trying to help you out.

But what I didn't do last night after I ate all of the dog food, or slept in the upstairs bed, or this morning after I ate my extra breakfast is say thank you, until just now.

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