Sunday, August 11, 2013

Surprise Happiness

It happened AGAIN!!! I got to go to Doggie Goddess and not come back!!! But I didn't know it was happening because it happened different this time.

Always when I got to Doggie Goddess it starts with BigFunGuy coming to my house and then putting me into his car with the other happy singing doggies. And... I don't know about you, but I like to ride in cars. I once rode in one for a lot of days and ended up living in a whole different place! I also like riding in cars when the rides are not as long. Almost always I end up in a really great place like my Grandma's house, or the beach that is near Santa Monica, or to the place call The Vet, where there are lots of different animal and food smells... Or to Doggie Goddess. But I only go there when I'm in BigFunGuy's car.

Except this time I got into the car with Mom and Dad and Dad said I was going to get a surprise. But since I didn't know what it was going to be, I thought, "What good is that?" But it turns out a surprise can be really good because we ended up at Doggie Goddess. And I did not know that could happen in my car too!!!! And when I smelled that I was near Doggie Goddess I was SOOOO HAPPY!!!!! But Dad didn't know we were there yet and he drove past it and I wanted to jump out of my window, but it was too small. So I sang my whiny bark-song to tell him he messed up. Then he stopped the car and we all got out. And I was even happier because I helped find it and I was going to be with my Doggie Goddess pack! So when the car door opened up I jumped out and pulled Dad the hardest right to the wall-way. And Mom opened it up and we all went inside.

And getting there is the best! Because my pack is SOOOO big and they are SOOOO friendly. And they all bark "Hi!" to you right away the loudest. And... you know how at the park everyone is so tense and sometimes they are even mean to you when you get there? And they treat you like you've never been there before even though you have a lot? And it is because they've all been waiting all day just to get to outside, so they still have too much inside in them? Well Doggie Goddess is just the opposite of that. Because, the inside and the outside are together there... There's an inside that is all the way inside. And there's an outside that is behind the inside and you can go back and forth as much as you want! And even more the best -- there is an upstairs on the inside that lets the outside come right in!! I KNOW!!! IT IS AMAZING!! And because of that everyone has just the right amount of outside and inside in them. And everyone there treats you like they missed you the most, and that makes you miss them the most back. So when the next doggie comes in, you are so happy to see them and you bark, "Hi!" the loudest.

And I ran in and I sniffed hello to everyone and then I ran to the upstairs to say hi to the sunbeam that lives there. And I played all day except when I laid down under sunbeam, which was whenever I got too tired. And then I was surprised again, because ReallyFunLady said I could sleepover with her and BigFunGuy and TotallyCoolKid and the rest of their pack. So I did that too! And then I played with everyone again the next day until I was just SOOOOO TIRED that I couldn't hardly stand it.

And then BigFunGuy put me in his car with the other sleepy dogs to take us each home. And then I heard BigFunGuy tell ReallyFunLady that he hoped my Mom and Dad had a happy anniversary. And I was surprised again because I remembered that Mom and Dad didn't sleep over with us. And I don't know what "anniversary" is, but I know what happiness is, and I hoped that Mom and Dad always have at least as much of it as I do.

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