Saturday, August 17, 2013

Street treats

I'm not from here. I'm from far away. My now-Mom and Dad put me and my stuff in a car and brought me here a while ago. And I love (I mean I LOVE!) living in Santa Monica. The just right air makes it easy to go for long walks, and to play in the park, and to play outside at Doggie Goddess every day! And sometimes I go on long runs down near the ocean that smells like food with Mom and Dad, too. But there is something that is not as good here as it was where I used to live, and that is the street treats.

Where I used to live it was more crowded with people when I would take Mom or Dad on walks. And the people were friendly and would whistle and "tch, tch" at us. And they would stand on the sides of the street and eat the best smelling foods! And sometimes they would drop their food on the ground for me to have street treats later. There could be spicy meats, or french fries, or chocolate somethings, or things I don't know the names for. But my always favorite was chicken bones.

Chicken bones taste just like chicken, but they are crunchy too! And best of all they have a special yummy surprise inside. Dad says it is called "marrow" but I just call it, "more please!" And even before I had my first chicken bone I knew already that they were the best. Mom and Dad would always fight me for them. And even when I got one in my mouth (Mmmmm... I can taste them right now!) and would chew them up the fastest, Mom or Dad would grab my mouth open and pull out all of the crunched up bits. They NEVER do that for anything else! That's how SUPER GOOD chicken bones are!!

When we go on walks now, I sniff everything so that we don't get lost. I also sniff all the pee-smells so I can know my neighbors and what they know. But mostly what I'm thinking when I'm sniffing everywhere is, "Where are the chicken bones?!" Because so far I have not found any chicken bones in Santa Monica, or at the beach near Santa Monica, or at Grandma's, Doggie Goddess, or anywhere else since we moved here. People here just aren't as friendly as they are where we moved from. Or they are friendly, except they won't share their food. Or they LOVE chicken bones as much as me, and they always eat them all the way up! Yeah, that makes the most sense. All the people in Santa Monica and everywhere near here eat chicken bones until they are all the way gone. I start to get angry at them for not sharing more, but if I had a chicken bone I'd do the same thing as them. So when I think of it that way, I guess I'm just like everyone else here. So maybe I'm not from so far away after all.

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