Monday, August 19, 2013

Not again!

There are SO MANY things that happened this weekend, so I have A LOT to tell you about. But Dad says he doesn't have the most time to write it up in one post, so I have to just tell you about one thing at a time. So here is the first one:

I might be moving.

The day before yesterday Mom and Dad started packing. They took a bunch of the stuff they usually put on themselves to make them look different each day out of their put-away places and they put them all into bags -- LOTS of bags. I watched them really closely and I saw everything they were doing... After they packed them up, they took all of those bags away and they didn't bring them back! Maybe they are already moving them to the new place. Or maybe they are just getting rid of stuff before they move the stuff we will keep. They didn't pack any of my stuff yet, but the last two times we moved this is exactly how it happened. First their stuff gets packed up. Then it disappears. Then they put my stuff in the car and we drive away. It could be to some place near by, or it could be some place very, very far away. I won't know until we stop going.

I'm pretty sure I'm moving.

Yesterday, Dad went upstairs to the put-away-place where stuff goes and never moves again. I watched him up there, too. He took a lot of stuff off of that place and packed it up. Now there are big empty spaces in the put-away-place and a lot of stuff in bags on the floor next to it. This is EXACTLY how it happened the last two times we moved! Stuff gets packed up, then it stays on the floor until people I've never smelled before come and take it away.

I might be moving very far away!

Yesterday, after Dad packed stuff up, we all went for a walk down to the beach. Usually when we walk at the beach, we just walk out a while, then we turn around and walk back. But this time, we walked out and stopped. Then we sat there and just looked at the beach the longest -- like we were never going to see it again. I'm worried that the new place will not be as good as here. Maybe it will have no fuzzy ground for me to lick when I get too sick. And maybe I will have to be in an even smaller downstairs when they go away all day -- one with less light, or no light at all!! And maybe it will be too far from the park and Doggie Goddess and I won't get to see BigFunGuy, or ReallyFunLady, or TotallyCoolKid, or the rest of my pack there EVER!!! And I don't know if Uncle Zak and Auntie Kristen will move with me. They live on the other side of my house now, but they didn't in the last two places I lived. Where will they go when my house is gone?!

I hope you can still read my blog from my new house, because people always change stuff, so one thing I know for sure is that even more things will be happening.

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