Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Notice that?

You know how you don't pay attention to how much of something there is until you finally notice it for yourself? A couple of days ago I met a small person at my other side of my house. She was not the first small person I've met, but maybe because I met here on the other side of my house, I noticed something new: I can hear other small people on the other side of my wall that does NOT go to that same side of my house. Maybe I heard them before, but I didn't understand what I was hearing. But now that I met this one small person, I know what I am hearing. I am hearing small people on a new other side of my house... And the small people I am hearing are REALLY, REALLY LOUD!

So I am noticing two things: there's another other side of my house, and small people are loud. Really loud. They scream and thump up and down stairs (there are stairs on the new other side of my house) and they run inside of other side of my... you know... like I do. But because small people are clumsy they not as quiet as me when they run - so they ARE loud and they RUN loud. And I'm just noticing that there can be SO MANY of them! I don't know my small people sounds very good yet, but right now I can count at least four of them in the room on the new other side of my house just by hearing their different screams (I am noticing that small people scream a lot!) and by counting the different screams on my paws... So I am also noticing that you can fit a lot of small people in a little place.

And I notice how they can ALL scream at the just same time... And how that makes them the loudest EVER?!!! Usually, I am sleeping at this time, so I am noticing A LOT that they are screaming and thumping THE MOST!!! And I noticed before that the one small person I met had small ears, but they must all have REALLY, REALLY small ears, because they don't seem to hear THAT THEY ARE SCREAMING SOOOOO LOUD!!!

And I notice what I do not hear too. I do not hear small people on THIS side of my house. And I notice that this makes it quieter here. And I notice that I like it quiet because it makes it easier to be calm, to finish my blog-post, and to fall asleep at...

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