Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Joy walking

It is RIGHT THERE! IT'S RIGHT THERE! IT IS RIGHT THEERRREEE!! Dad! There's a tennis ball right THERE!

Dad wait! Don't pull! You are not lost! Don't start panicking on me. We are still right here... And there is a tennis ball RIGHT THERE! I can't reach it. I can't REACH IT. I CAN'T REACH IT! Dad, I can't reach it. Can you get it? Can you get it? Can you reach it? Dad it is right there, can you reach it?

Maybe if I go around this way. Dad, come this way. DAD! COME THIS WAY! No, we will not get lost, JUST COME!!!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I meant - Dad, please just come this way so that I can get this tennis ball. It is right here. PLEASE!!!!

Yes! Dad you can get it. Dad, Yes! You just reach in there with your ridiculously large arms and ugly fingers! YES!!! YOU GOT IT!!!! Wow, as ugly as those things are they do come in... No. No, I didn't mean it like that! They are not ugly for YOU. They are... No, I just mean that they would be ugly on me. On ME! Oh, come on. I'm just a dog that wants this tennis ball SOOOO BAD!!! Dad can I have it? Dad can I have it? Dad can I have it?


Fine. I don't care. It's just a dumb tennis ball. Lets just keep walking.

Dad can I have it?


Oh, Dad! A PARK! Dad, it's a PARK!!! Dad, can we go in the PARK!!! I WANNA GO IN THE PARK!!! Oh sit, first. RIGHT!! I'm sitting! You always have to sit before you go in a park! Otherwise the gate will never open! I'M SITTING SOOOO STILL!!!! Yes! Gate! And... the... rope... YES! And I'm being good, Dad! I'm waiting for you to say, "Okay!" I'm waiting and I'm sitting... YESSSSS!!!!

OH!!! LOOK! A flying tennis ball! HEY!! That's the same... I GOTTA GO!!!

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