Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Party Animal...s

Yesterday I told you about the party I had on the other side of my house that was SOOO MUCH FUN! And I only got to tell you about half of the party because my Dad says he is too busy to let me tell you about it all at once. And what I didn't tell you about is when deer-chicory-smell came over, which is when it got REALLY FUN!!!

Because when deer-chicory's parents saw me there, they decided that he would want to come to my party too. So they went out and brought him over. And I came right to the door to sniff, "Hi!" And I was SOOOO EXCITED to smell him and I wanted to play with him EXACTLY RIGHT THEN!!! So I did. And I did a quick spin, and I dropped down low, and I jumped back up to sniff him and kiss him. And he stood real still because I'm the best at spinning! But then he did his short growl to remind me that I didn't let him in yet. And everyone laughed and told me to back up so he could come in. And then he must have been really tired because he just walked around kind of slow and didn't try to play with me right away. But I'm a great hostess, so I kept spinning, and running around him, and sniffing and kissing him so that he would feel welcome and have a great time at my party.

And that's really when Uncle Craig and Auntie Myra came in. And I told you all about that yesterday, but I didn't mention deer-chicory because that's two things and Dad only had time for me to tell you about one. And while I was SUPER EXCITED to meet and kiss Uncle Craig and Auntie Myra's new tiny person until she screamed (which, unfortunately, was right away), deer-chicory was resting under the table, because he must have been running ALL DAY LONG! But it was lucky for him that he was, because he got to stay there when I ended up on the balcony with the breath-through door closed.

And it is hard to be a good hostess when you are locked out of your own party. But the best thing is not to make a big deal about it, because that just stops everyone from having fun. So I stayed quiet and laid down the flattest I could. Because Dad taught me that I should lay all the way flat when I want something the most. And after Uncle Craig and Auntie Myra left with their tiny person, it worked! Uncle Zak opened the door and I went straight to deer-chicory so that I could make sure he was having fun now.

And he was better rested and we sniffed each other and I could relax more because I could tell he was feeling more welcome now. And then... the best thing happened... Auntie Kristen brought out a tennis ball! And I thought, "Pee-Ball!!! That is the BEST IDEA!!!" And I'm really good at pee-ball, but it turns out deer-chicory is THE BEST!!! He uses a totally different -- um, strategy, right Dad?... Great! -- he uses a totally different strategy for pee-ball. He stands really still and stares at it from right over top of it so that you know that it is HIS ball and you better not take it away. And it worked really, really well, because nobody tried to take it from him. Except deer-chicory's Dad knows him really well and knows that he does not like his hand-box. So deer-chicory's Dad tried to win the ball by holding his hand-box out for a long time. And deer-chicory got up and walked away. So I slipped in before his dad could take the ball and I laid down on it. And everyone laughed, but deer-chicory must have figured out what I did because he came over and stared at me like I was the pee-ball. So... I... slowly... rolled... over... onto... my... back... And he is really THE BEST pee-ball player, because he got the ball right back!

And then Auntie Kristen did an even more amazing thing and brought out a SECOND tennis ball!!! GENIUS!!! Way to make it the best party EVER!!! Because I got to kiss the softest, most delicious tiny person ever AND play pee-ball with the BEST pee-ball player ever. And me and deer-chicory had the best time for the rest of the night until we were SOOO tired and had to go home.

And now I'm going to be alone all day and I will keep thinking about my big pack and my party. I'm going to miss everyone when my parents move me away. But it was great to have such a fun weekend.

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