Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Old School

***Walks onto the doggie bed. Picks up the bone. Starts rocking side to side***

Yeah... Yeah... Trying to catch a beat

Yeah... Trying to ca... Trying to catch a beat

I got four ready paws, I don't need no feet

I'll jump up on anyone try to take my beat

And when you leave me alone at home all day

Turn the radio on: old school rap KDAY

Yeah... I think I caught the beat

Yeah, Yeah... I think I caught the beat

Fill a rubber kong up with the scent of peanut butter

Then you make a dog wait just to see what she will utter

But silence of the lambs fills your ears with pain

Watching a doggie drool drives your brain insane

Waiting for a snap and the voice to say: "Okay!"

While playin' in the back is old school rap: KDAY

Yeah... You know caught that beat

Yeah, Yeah... You know I caught that beat

People making dinner: chop, slice, and cook some meat

Now they're gettin' sloppy: it's dropping to their feet

Slide into the food-room: I can help clean up that mess

People-barking starts, tryin' to make me feel like less

Make a quick retreat, but my tail is still waggin'

'Cause I'm Nima-Dog, Yo! You know this bitch ain't flaggin'

Yeah... trying to get that meat

Yeah, Yeah... I'm trying to get that meat

Yo my pack ain't fakin', we roll deep into the night

If you're walkin' past my house, get ready for a fight

I'll drop my angry bark-song: fill your heart full of fear

Make you pee onto the ground: drop, roll, and disappear

Yeah... That's how you know you got beat

Yeah, Yeah... Yo, you just got beat

***Drops the bone. Walks off the doggie bed***

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