Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This guy

Who is this guy on the noisy flat box? He makes his body talk just like a doggie! Look! He can body-talk like a big, strong doggie, or like a doggie that is less. How does know how to do it -- He looks just like regular people?!

Most of the time I just ignore the flat box. You can't smell anything on the noisy flat box, so it is not real. It is just pictures that keep changing and loud sounds that I don't like. But now I see this guy who can doggie body-talk and I want to know if he is real or not. I want to know if he smells like people or like a doggie. I want to know if he can see me body-talk back.

Dad says this guy is called the dog whisperer, but I say I can hear him just fine. Dad says he doesn't know what he smells like, but he thinks he lives nearby. So maybe someday I will meet him for real and I will sniff his butt and know him by his smell-name. And if he sniffs my butt back I will say that he is really a doggie inside that just knows how to speak people.

Cesar Millan @cesarmillan #cesarmillan

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