Friday, August 30, 2013

The best kind

There are SOOO MANY things that I love (LOVE!) the best. But when I sit downstairs ALL DAY with nothing to do but think about them, then I start to know that some of them are better than others. Here's my list of my best things (at least until my baby-people brother or sister is born).

  1. Laying in the sun/laying on my best bed: It is a tie, because both know me and know how to hold me so well!
  2. Sniffing poop or something else that is stinky-good: Stinky stuff just smells so amazing! It is SOOO complex and it makes you think so hard about where all of that stink came from and how hard it must have been to make it stink SOOOO BAD! I LOVE IT!!!!
  3. Getting my butt scratched: Some doggies love having their belly's scratched, but not me. I'm a butt girl.
  4. Sniffing another doggie: For the same reason as "Sniffing poop or something else that is stinky-good" above, except you also might get to play pee-ball with another doggie, so this is even better!
  5. A food treat: Mmmm.... I wish it were food-treat time right now! (Hey Dad! When you're done typing my blog, can it be food-treat time?)
  6. Avoiding Mom or Dad when they try to get me to leave the park: Because playing the "It is not EVEN time to go yet!" game together is THE BEST!! Everyone loves it SO MUCH!
  7. Someone in my pack I haven't seen for a while: Because I missed you the MOST!! Where have you been... Did you get lost?
  8. A new or flying tennis ball (includes Pee-Ball): If you have read almost any of my other posts, you already know why.
  9. Chasing a squirrel: Because those fluffy douche-bags are assholes and jerks and someone needs to put them in the right place for them SOOO BAD! And when I finally catch one. It is going to feel SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!
  10. Lots of Food: Every kind of food is my favorite. But whatever kind there is the most of is the best kind! And next time you come visit me, you can bring me that kind... Because I missed you the MOST already! And I don't know why you left so soon before, because it was not even time to go yet!!


  1. I'm with you on the butt scratching! I LOVE IT! I also love lots of food, a new ball, seeing my Aunt Nancy who I rarely get to see, treats and the smell of POOP!!
    Good choices!
    Barks and licks and love,

    1. Thanks Dakota! I LOVE your website too! You have so many ways to help doggies find homes there. Dad says that makes you a really good doggie!