Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Party Animal

Yesterday I told you that there were SO MANY things that happened this weekend, and I had to just tell you about one thing at a time, because Dad was too busy. So here is the next one, sorry you had to wait!

I had a party on the other side of my house AND IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! But it was also the most difficult party EVER!

First, I knew I was having a party on the other side of my house because Dad took me to the quiet pee place behind my house even though it was way too early to go there. Dad does that because he doesn't like me too pee too early into a party. So I was already excited and I peed the fastest I ever could! Then I ran back upstairs to the door to the other side of my house and I jumped at it -- because I forgot Mom and Dad don't like me to do that. Then they made me sit, which I did because the door won't open until you sit, so you have to sit or it will take FOREVER!!! But I still wanted to jump on Uncle Zak as soon as the door opened so that he would sing to me. It is so funny that he can sing just like a real doggie! Then the door opened up and I tried to run in to jump on ANYBODY! But Mom's hand got caught in my collar, so we got stuck outside. And I wiggled around to try to help her get free, but she told me to sit. So I did that so that she could get herself out. Then I swear I heard someone say, "Okay!" So ran in and started running around EVERYWHERE, but no one cheered like usual, so I didn't do my spin. And it was me and Mom and Dad, and Auntie Kristen and Uncle Zak and there were two new people to be in my pack. At least I thought they were new, but then I smelled that one was Uncle Zak's Dad and the other was something called a Step-Mom. And I don't know why a Mom is a Step, but I do know that she was SUPER NICE and that all of this makes them my Uncle-Dad and my Uncle-Step-Mom! And I was SOOOO EXCITED to meet them!!

And then more people came in so I ran to sniff, "Hi!" And it was deer-chicory-smell's Mom and Dad from next-door, but deer-chicory-smell wasn't with them. And then before I could finish jumping on them EVEN MORE people came over! And it was my Auntie Myra and Uncle Craig who live on the other, other side of my house - across the hall from Uncle Zak and Auntie Kristen. And they had their SUPER TINY person with them, and I wanted to jump up and kiss her SOOOO BAAAADDDD!!!!! And I tried to do it, but Dad started people-barking at me. And I pretended he didn't meant it for me, but then he people-barked again as soon as I tried it again, so I knew he was still watching. And I sat, but not quite all the way, because it made me too far away from the newest person in my pack and I NEEDED to sniff her SOOOO BAAAADDDD!!!!! But Auntie Myra wouldn't put her down low enough.

"OH COME ON!!! PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!" I thought to myself -- And it worked!! Auntie Myra lowered her tiny person down so I could sniff her... and she smiled at me, and I... I just had to... I mean, you just have to... kiss her, because she is SOOOO SOFT and DELICIOUS!!! But she didn't like it! Or she didn't like me!! And she started yelling a really loud-sad-angry song. It was SO LOUD it made my ears hurt! And I still wanted to kiss her more, but she was too far away again, so I tried to stand up taller. But somehow, I ended up outside on the balcony and the breath-through door was closed.

And then I had to watch my whole party from out there! Until Uncle Craig and Auntie Myra and their new tiny person left and someone opened the breath-through door. And I'm sorry the tiny person didn't like me. I kissed her right on the face like you're supposed to. Oh, she was SOOOO SOFT!!! I still loved kissing her the most!

And that's only half of my party! But Dad says he has to go and I have to finish telling you more later. And you should come back, because there are still SO MANY more things to tell you!!!

And when you come back, you can bring food, too. Every kind is my favorite!!!

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