Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pet peeves

Have you noticed how people don't have right manners about so many things? Like sometimes they are too busy watching their noisy flat box to answer you when you say you want to play bouncy ball? People do a lot of things that are just rude. Here are some other ones that I notice the most.

  • Food hogging. Don't even get me started on this one. I could go all day!
  • Bed hogging. They only use one big bed for themselves, but they will only let you use the small floor bed -- even though there are more big beds that nobody is using at all!
  • That short hissing sound ("Shhht!") they sometimes make instead of people-barking. Ugh! That sound just stays in your ears forever!!!
  • Keeping the toilet lid down. All the coolest water in the house is inside of that thing! Would you PLEASE remember to leave the lid up so I can get to it?
  • Sniffless greetings. Not only do people not sniff your butt when they meet you (Hello! I'm right here!!!), they also use the rope that is supposed to keep them from getting lost to hold you apart when you try to meet a new doggie the right way. I think they're afraid that they'll end up following the wrong dog back to the wrong home.
  • Inside-in interruption. This is when they stop you from trying to get your insides back in after they came out. Hey, people! I can clean this up myself -- I'm not a total puppy!
  • Pet peeves. They call things that bother them pets, and they call us pets, too. That just hurts.

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