Friday, August 16, 2013

Sock Puzzle

Woah, woah, WHOA! You are putting my tennis ball inside your sock... Now you're twisting it and... putting it inside the sock again! I want it!!

Now let me see... Where did the tennis ball go? I can still feel it inside this sock ball when I bite it... so it must be inside! But how do I get it out? What if I toss it in the air like THIS!!! No. LIKE THIS!!! Hmmm.... nothing came out. Is it still in there? Yeah, it feels like it when I bite it. Maybe if I bite it harder! No. HARDER!!! AND CHEW IT!!! No. Still just a sock ball.

Maybe I need to bite on this bump on the side. Oh, and shake it really hard! REALLY HARD!!! Hey, now I have more sock!!! But the ball feels like it is still inside. WHAT IS THIS THING?!! I can still feel the tennis ball inside. I can smell it there too. So it must still be inside... Maybe if I put it down and JUMP ON IT!!! Woah! That is tricky to land on. Okay, maybe I should bite this bump side of the sock ball, while I stand on the sock part over here... and... and PULL... AND PUUULLLLLL!!!!

Oh, I heard something ripping!! That's gotta be good. Let me shake it HARD AGAIN! REALLY, REALLY HARD!!! AND TOSS IT!!! AND JUMP!!! Ugh. Still mostly sock ball. I still smell the tennis ball inside. TENNIS BALL! DO NOT WORRY! I WILL GET YOU OUT!!! Bite the bump, paw on the sock part over here and... PUUUULLLLLLLL!!!! Yes! More ripping!! SHAKE HARD! Now bite bump, stand, and PUUUULLLLL! I SEE TENNIS BALL!!!!! SHAKE!! BITE!! PUUULLLLLL!!!!!


Tennis ball, you should try to be more careful so you do not to get stuck inside of a sock again.

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  1. Haha! To think that tennis ball tried to outsmart you ;)