Friday, August 2, 2013


I still want chocolate.

Mom and Dad say that I'm not supposed to have chocolate. They say it is bad for me and will make me sick in a bad way. They can eat it in front of me, but they never give me any. And even when I ask for it the nicest, they people-bark at me and don't give me any.

But I still remember the time when I ate SO MUCH chocolate when Mom and Dad were gone. And it tasted SOOOO AMAZING!!!! And it did not make me too sick, I swear! And it gave me STRONG super powers. And I've wanted it again, forever since!!!

I told Dad I'm sorry that it made me bite his hand harder than I meant to. We were just playing and he said he still didn't bleed! I also said sorry because it made my poops too easy. And I said sorry that I messed up bedtime, because I kept running under the bed and trying to stand up... over and over again. It was my first time trying chocolate and I didn't know it would give me so much energies!

But I know how it works now. And I'm a lot older this time, so I know how not to bite too hard. And I've been thinking about it a lot (A LOT!!!). And I'm sure if I just have less that I won't poop so easy or mess up bedtime.

I know people are not supposed to give a doggie chocolate, but someone could just leave it on a lower shelf, or in the downstairs on the flat place that I can reach. Or it could fall on the ground when someone is eating some and they could not notice that. Or if someone ate some, they could not notice they still had some on their hands or face and I could kiss them because I'm so friendly and that would be okay, too.

But if no one leaves out any chocolate, it's okay. Someday, I might not want it anymore. Someday, I might not worry that I won't get to have it ever again... forever. Someday, I won't think about the most rich, creamy, sweet, complex flavor that I ever had, EVER!!! Someday... Someday, I... Someday... I will still want chocolate.

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